Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Brooklyn Collective and the Frisky Faeries

So much has happened these last few months! To start it off, Papertopias joined Brooklyn Collective, a Caroll Gardens co-op, in March. Brooklyn Collective is a spacious boutique with a thoughtful selection of art, wearables, and other delightful trinkets. When Papertopias moved into the space they invited me to put up framed originals of the doll sets, along with other products from my lines. This was a significant step for me, having never framed my original art pieces before. It turned out to be very rewarding and I am excited to see where the dolls and dresses go with this concept in the future. The Frisky Faeries set is also framed along with the original poster.

At the moment I am working out the packaging for the Frisky Faeries booklet, which includes a surprise ending, and will let you know once it's ready for cutting up and playing with.

In addition to the framed artwork, letter-sized prints are also available in the Abigail line.
For questions or purchase inquiries, email me, Ruth (at) papertopias (dot) com or you can stop by their delicious store on 212 Columbia Street to see the works in person.

Also in March, Papertopias's life-sized paper doll show "Frisky Faeries" was performed for the second time. The show was at the Brooklyn Collective boutique and was performed on a custom-built, double-sided stage I built myself to show the private dressing up of the doll as well as her more public persona.

The show was phenomenal and I am overjoyed to have worked with so many charming and passionate people. A special thanks to the Frisky Ones, Joanne Kim Nunez (thank you for the blog post), Tamara Kneese, Nicole Caput0 (who was also in charge of PR), Antonia Levy, Ellen Trimarco, and James Trimarco.

A round of thanks to the proprietresses of Brooklyn Collective, Rachel Goldberg and Tessa Phillips for hosting the space, DJ T3db0t for the live musical performance, Lindsey Case for providing the sensational cupcakes and being such an amazing doll and to Mark Feigenbaum the photographer for doing another stunning job!

I was also honored to have Gabi Porter from Metromix write a fantastic article about the show!

Thank you for reading, more updates soon to follow!