Tuesday, August 16, 2011

New Doll of the Week! Esseion

New Doll of the Week! A paper doll inspired by Johan Ess, a most magikal creature I met while
traversing the galaxies, we drank intraclusteral tea, ate star dust, and sang until the sun expoloded. It was pure divinity!

Here is a bit the wiley Johan has illuminated for us about his passions, and sonic creations. Enjoy!

"As a demonic sound creatress, clearly with frisky fairy-like tendencies, I enjoy transgressing the notion of normality while raising energies in whichever new ways I find possible. The curious are encouraged to check out my blog and mixes at http://www.johan-ess.com/ while my new album is coming out next month and can be previewed at

I hope you enjoy your travels with this amazing paper doll.

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