Monday, September 19, 2011

Steampunk Table Numbers

As promised, here are some views of the Steampunk table numbers for the fall wedding I have been working on in varying degrees of completion. I am so excited to see them next to Rebecca Shepherd’s divine floral arrangements in October! The finished numbers will be cut out in delicate scroll contours and be held by 14 inch tall, hand painted, copper stands.
Also great news, Papertopias created a tumbler account, The Whimsical World, for photo updates on all things art that spill out of me, paper musings, and the like, as well as a Twitter account.


Sunday, September 11, 2011

Farmer Ekria Saves the Day!

Papertopias is unleashing the first wardrobe adventure of Farmer Erika (Dekalb Market’s finest Farmer). A ferocious struggle against all weather odds (a.k.a. Hurricane Irene) to save the fluffy chicks from being tossed into the duckweed forever! Luckily, Farmer Erika is wearing a fashionable weather-resistant garment to aid her, and you, as you both collect the fluffy, slightly drippy, chicks and escort them to their chickmobile!

Farmer Erika


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

New Doll of the Week!!! Farmer Erika

Good Afternoon!
This new paper doll is a very special addition to the Doll of the Week category. She is inspired by the fiery presence of Erika Brenner, the farmer of the new out door Brooklyn market, Dekalb Market. You might over look her at first, is it hard to be seen when you are the size of a eggplant, but oh, do not be fooled! Erika is never to be underestimated. She has her trusty steed, (Duck) magical powers, (!!!) a very lovely edible wand (to be revealed), unending adventures with her team mate.. did I forget to mention, she is the first part of a black witch/white witch team. Oh yes. But which witch is she?
So much more to come.
I am feeling a comic strip in the making.....if Erika will share some more of her spectacular adventures that is!!

I hope you enjoy coloring and cutting Farmer Erika out. Please send any projects you have done about Farmer Erika over to Ruth[@]papertopias[dot]com, and they will get posted up on the blog.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Essions’s Last Garment!

Hurray!! CyborGlow is the last sensuous Cyberstalking garment of the Johan Ess inspired paper doll Ession. Papertopias would be delighted to post any and all garments you print, cut, and color for this Faerie-Cat-Cyber-Punk-Lord, along with any created configurations you have made manifest!

FE Layout

Since the Fifth Estate layout was in a different dimension, here are the two anarchist outfits from the spread sized accordingly.


Cheers and happy Labor Day!