Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Ession: An Anarchist Paper Doll Layout

Sorry for the delayed blogs, I am working on an outrageously glamourous steampunk wedding with Rebecca Shepherd, so bronze, gold, and copper paper gear work assortments for the tables and escort cards are going to be showing up on the blog soon! Perhaps a few chinese lanterns as well....As of last week, I was recently honored by being asked to make a paper doll for the longest running radical Anti-authoritarian mag in the U.S., Fifth Estate. In the past I contributed art work for the magazine's issues on Ursula K. Le Guin, and was delighted to hear from them again (perhaps a future post....). The Johan Ess deviant paper doll creation, Ession, was perfect for this issue on Anarchist Fiction, as well as being fresh on the ink table sans clothing. I hope you enjoy this sneak peak, the magazine will be out shortly. I will keep you posted!

For the curious,
The T-shirt supports Marie Mason. It was designed by Just Seeds artist Erik Ruin.
The hoodie supports St. Pauli, an antifascist German Soccer team.
The book is by Peter Kropotkin, and is titled "Mutual Aid".
Tank top is Black Flag.
The rest......;)


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