Monday, January 23, 2012

Holiday Treats!

Over the holidays, Papertopias was magically filling stockings with frisky faeries, glitter, and paper dolls. Here are a few of the treats sent out over the season!

1: The original painting of Ession, an Anarchist Paper Doll framed. This illustration, inspired by Johan Ess, graced the back of Fifth Estate's Fall Vol. 46, the Anarchist Fiction Issue.

2: Mermaid in a Coffin paper doll postcards. These postcards where modified to say "Greeting from New Orleans". The original says "Greeting from Brooklyn".

3: A custom paper doll set for Justin Lange, of Magic Hat Films. Complete with arduino and ukulele! Justin received the originals as well as this hand bound printed booklet of his set.

4: Custom stationary. This stationary is adorned with white peacock butterflies and water hyssop, both non invasive species for this plant lover in Florida!

How were your holidays?

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